At IMS, our Network Administration Services solve problems including system integration, changing architecture, compatibility issues and bottlenecks. Even if you have an IT department, we can supplement them by adding our expertise.  

Don't have an IT staff?  You do now!

We have an extensive list of technologies we support.  However, we specialize in Microsoft products like Windows, Exchange Server, SQL, and the entire Microsoft Office family.  


We customize our services to fit our customers’ needs.  Some clients use our Network Administration Services on a regular schedule, be it weekly or monthly, to perform services such as: 

  • Preventative maintenance and upkeep of servers & workstations 

  • Remedial hardware maintenance 

  • Software and hardware upgrades

  • Troubleshooting and repairs

Other clients use our Network Administration Services on an “as needed” basis to perform services such as: 

  • On call emergency service for troubleshooting and repairs

  • Scheduled roll outs and changeovers

  • Backing up existing staff on large and complex projects

No matter your technological needs, we know your systems and how to get them running and keep them running.  We take pride in our NetworkAdministration Services’ flexibility, responsiveness and competence.   

Contact us to find out how IMS can solve and prevent all of your information technology concerns. 

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